User Journeys and Service Design

A user journey is about more than mapping touchpoints

Most people can agree that great valuable lies understanding your user journey and the customer’s touchpoints with your company, your product, or your services. However, user journeys aren’t solely touchpoints – they are also about how these touchpoints interplay in the customer’s everyday life and how they are perceived. Context is everything.


For instance, it’s important noticing that humans don’t remember procedures perfectly. That means that you should strategically assess which touch points are most valuable to invest your resources in.


By applying behavioural design, you’ll design better user journeys by identifying the strategically most important touchpoints and design a user experience that matches human nature.


Below you’ll find examples where we’ve helped a number of our clients applying behavioural design in their user journey and in designing their services.

Behavioural Design in User Journeys and Service Design

Applying behavioural design to remove bicycles responsibly

Every year thousands of bicycles are abandoned around Copenhagen. How can you reduce the amount of abandoned bikes in Copenhagen?