Regarding data-driven organizations, Mikkel is one of the leading advisors in Denmark With a PhD in IT-design and co-author on the book, Data – Virksomhedens nye grundstof, he is frequently appears as both speaker and advisor for both larger and smaller, public and private organizations. Moreover, Mikkel is employed in the Danish government's expert-group on data ethics.

Mikkel Holm Sørensen

CEO / Behavioural Strategist

Simon is co-founder of /KL.7, and the leading expert in Denmark on the use of behavioral design in the financial sector. Specializing in how customers perceive financial products, Simon has been responsible for designing user interfaces, communications and new products for the past seven years. Most prominently, he acted as a main-designer behind the digital universe of the insurance company, Alka.

Simon Bentholm


Katrine Maja Knudsen


Kristian is /KL.7's language expert – he has the responsibility for the linguistic and conceptual parts of both analysis and reports, as well as methodological design and intervention design. Kristian has experience working as a science journalist at the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, and has previously been part of the Apprentice program of the agency Red Associates working as a strategic consultant. Kristian is skilled on both a level of great detail and in bigger decision making processes.

Kristian Sørensen

Behavioural design / Communication and Language

Lasse is an expert when it comes to digital behaviour, data science, GDPR and data security. He has analyzed the Danes' information security for the Danish Agency for Digitisation, developing the campaign 'Vi Holder Hackerne Ude' (We keep hackers away). Moreover, Lasse has established a course covering digital behaviour and is a popular speaker of data security.

Lasse Frost

Behavioural Analyst / Data Science and Analysis

Lilie has a master's degree in the Science of Public Health, specializing in methodological design, among other things. She has great experience with creating valid research designs along with the analysis and synthesis of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Lilie Darsø

Behavioural Analyst / Prevention

Clara has a master of science in Cognitive and Decision Sciences. She has worked with applied behavioural economics since 2011, among others, as a Senior Research Executive at Millward Brown in London, where she developed and validated market-analysis tools, based on neuro science.

Clara Zeller

Senior Behavioural Designer / Behavioural Economics and Intervention Design

on maternity leave


Mia has a master degree in Digital Design and Communication. She has great experience with designing product- and concept development, user research, creative processes and user engagement, working as a Digital Business Developer at Coop for four years.

Mia Thiesen

Behavioural Designer / Service Design and UX

on maternity leave


Casper is a master student at the IT-University of Copenhagen, studying Digital Design and Communication. Previously, he has worked as a UX assistant in Coop's product development department. In /KL.7 he assists in projects with both research, concept development, design and communication.

Casper Bæk

Junior Behavioural Designer

Maria is studying the master's degree, cand.merc.psych at the Copenhagen Business School. Given her studies, she has a multi-disciplinary perspective on business economics and psychology, that can be applied in analyzing organizational challenges. This skill can then be applied in creating solutions that address both economic and human factors.

Maria Piil Sørensen

Junior Behavioural Designer

Mathias Dahl-Spangby

Junior Behavioural Designer

David Hvidbak

Junior Behavioural Designer

Lars Ingemann

Chairman of the Board

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