Behavioural Design and

Behavioural Analysis

Your target audience heard, understood, and was convinced about
what you said, but the behaviour remained unchanged.

You have most likely also wondered why people consistently act against knowledge and intentions, heading straight towards obesity, financial ruin and traffic violations. Whether you consider human behaviour as an obscure 'black box', or a necessary evil in your business, behavioural design methods will reveal useful insights and new perspectives within your company.


Behavioural design is applicable with consumers, citizens, employees and management – any context that contains human behaviour, routines, and choices.


Recent breakthroughs in behavioural science, combined with new technologies for measuring behaviour, can be used to solve your problems with unprecedented precision and impact. Governments from USA to Singapore are now using behavioural design to regulate citizens' behaviour for better outcomes, and private companies around the world use it to improve compliance, sales, customer satisfaction offline as well as online.


Whether you are a public or commercial manager, a web-developer, or concerned with any other domain dealing with human beings, behavioural design offers new and improved strategies and tools to achieve your goals.

Behavioural Audit

Based  on existing data / 2 – 7 days

A behavioural audit consists of analysing your existing data through the lens of behavioural science. This is a popular service to quickly get an overview of a well-defined problem and achieve valuable insights and qualified ideas for solutions. The analysis typically takes a few days and results in operational recommendations for improvement of your product, communication, conversion, or customer experience.


We receive all relevant material through a brief and conduct a structured analysis of your problem. A few days later the results and recommendations will be presented at a meeting, providing your key employees with an understanding of the underlying theories as well as how the recommendations can be tested, validated, and implemented.


A behavioural audit will:

  1. Make you understand your challenges based on the foundation of behavioural science
  2. Identify new ideas and perspectives to approach the problem
  3. Provide the first couple of tools for making your organization able to perceive the problem from a radically different point of view

Behavioural Insight

Creation of new data and additional studies / 2 weeks – 2 months

Creating new data to analyse an existing problem will often lead to completely
new insights and solutions that have not yet been identified and considered by
the organisation.


If you are looking for deeper insights into your behavioural problem, we will develop a methodological design where existing knowledge is supplemented with new data. Relevant data sources can be identified within and outside your organisation – e.g. user data, data from partners or public authorities or development of qualitative or quantitative studies.


In order to identify relevant data, we apply our expertise in behavioural science to develop and guide hypotheses about the nature of the problem. Based on this knowledge, we conduct the data collection and analysis.


Behavioural Insights can take two weeks to two months to complete, after which the results and recommendations will be presented in a meeting with key employees to further discuss and qualify the analysis and recommendations.


In order for the newly acquired knowledge to be easily shared within your organisation, we gather the analysis, results, recommendations, data and methods in a final report.

Behavioural Study

Thorough development of hypotheses and test of solution(s) / 2 – 8 months

If your problem is of a more complex character, or of great strategic importance, we recommend that you test several solutions before launching a full implementation.


A behavioural study/strategy typically combines elements from a behavioural audit and behavioural insights with controlled tests in order to evaluate multiple solutions in different target groups. We use controlled tests to accurately document and assess the effect of the solutions.


A behavioural study/strategy typically lasts two to six months and requires more resources due to the complexity of developing and implementing experiments and the subsequent data processing and analysis.


The solutions will be ready to implement and you will have empirical certainty of the effect within the target group, which reduces the risk considerably in the following implementation phase. Parallel to the controlled tests, we establish a data design that enables you to continuously measure the effect of the new solutions.

Behavioural Design

Behavioural design is a growing field of techniques used to influence human behaviour. At /KL.7, we introduced the concept in Denmark in 2011 and are experts at combining applied behavioural science, data-based analysis and design methods to create unique insights and efficient solutions.

You have probably tried to change your own, your employees’ or your children's behaviour. Maybe you've tried to sell a product where the sales numbers didn’t reflect the enthusiasm expressed by the focus groups. Or tried to convey a message that really seemed to strike home with the target group, but nonetheless showed no change in behaviour amongst them afterwards.

Behavioural Analysis

New technologies for data collection, combined with behavioural science, can improve both the quantity and the quality of insights into your customers’ and employees’ behaviour.


When it comes to changing behaviour, it’s often a matter of details. Therefore, we always develop tailor-made solutions for our clients, but usually a given solution will fall within one of the three behavioural categories.








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