We have worked with the Danish Road Directorate to develop and carry out two different campaigns that applied behavioural data to create insights and behavioural changes on Danish roads.


The first campaign was called KIG (look) in 2011, which became the biggest PR success the Directorate has ever had. Part of its success was caused by using some of the data, consisting of video recordings from within ordinary driver’s seats, as material for the campaign itself.


In 2013 and 2014, we launched a second campaign: OUR SPEED. The overall goal was to save human lives by making drivers reduce their speed. With an intention of creating lasting behavioural changes, OUR SPEED was built on a strategy that went beyond mere awareness as an end goal. On the contrary, the campaign added lasting value and integration with the planning of new roadwork.


OUR SPEED managed to lower driving speed at three different roadworks in Denmark by using contextual behavioural interventions and a competition between three geographical regions. Again, the project was documented with public video material:

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