Share With Care (SWC) is a joint effort towards sustainable media consumption. All actors within the rettighedsmarked, from telecommunications to Rettighedsalliancen to the Ministry of Culture, are supporting Share With Care, which is a new type of effort, where measurements and analyses play an essential role in reducing piracy behaviour.


The effort doesn’t rely on pointing fingers at anyone or referring to the economic side of media piracy. It does, however, rely on partnerships, tools, and involvement in order to create new norms and behavioural changes in the exact situations in which piracy takes place. The joint effort includes analyses of behaviour and behavioural design in cooperation with DTU, AAU, TDC, and KODA, as well as Danish primary schools and dormitories.


Behavioural science has shown that the mere exposition of a positive behaviour often leads to more of the same behaviour. This is why the effort uses data to pull the norms in the desired direction. Further, the analytic approach to the campaign is based on involving the primary target group; young media consumers.


Youth camps are used as a focus for the campaign where the youths are asked to share their ideas for solving the problem by including cultural material in a digital age. Continuous observations and measurements of their norms, presuppositions, attitudes, and desires for the future are made and implemented in the campaign itself.


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