In 2015, /KL.7 carried out a behavioural study together with Coop with the goal of increasing the amount of organic fruit and vegetables that are bought in their nation-wide supermarkets every day.


Based on numerous observational visits to the franchise supermarkets SuperBrugsen, /KL.7 identified problematic areas and possible solutions.


The research phase resulted in eight behavioural design interventions that were implemented in several SuperBrugsen stores throughout a test period of eight weeks. Included in the interventions were both classical approaches, such as spacing and bundling of different types of groceries, and some unusual approaches, such as persuasion techniques and music.


The effects of the interventions were measured by the increase of purchasing of organic fruit and vegetables. Here, we analysed actual receipt data from the eight intervention-stores and compared them to four control stores.


The interventions resulted in an average of 5% increased amount of organic fruit and vegetables being sold in the eight intervention stores compared to the control stores. These results were statistically significant and gave Coop some new approaches and tools to promote organic products in the future without referring to e-numbers or environmental issues.



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