The municipality of Copenhagen asked us to map the sources of trash nuisances as a result of night life activity. We recommended installing GPS-sensors on the machines used to clean the roads. Thereby, we wanted to use a method called geotracking to get a detailed and objective overview of where and when trash nuisances are most salient in the streets of Copenhagen.


As a pilot study, we used geotracking as a method to map the routes, speed, and cleaning behaviour of employees controlling the machines. This enabled us to identify the most strained streets of the municipality measured by night life-related trash nuisances, which was then visualised as a map for intuitive communication.


By correlating the GPS-data with a calendar of large events, weather and license data, the municipality can gain much more detailed – and quantifiable– insights into the nature and future development of the problem.


The project is planned to continue by adding complementary data sources, such as image recognition of different types of trash and GPS-sensors on additional cleaning material.

The Municipality of Copenhagen:
Trash in the Streets







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