Approximately 90.000 Danes currently live with dementia and the number is increasing steadily. Both in Denmark and the rest of the world, numerous experts talk about a dementia epidemic. The Municipality of Esbjerg is at the forefront in dealing with dementia in Denmark and asked us for some behavioural guidance.


In the project Dementia – Self-driven Assistance for an Individual Life, we helped the municipalities of Esbjerg and Varde to combine scientific insights of dementia with a fundamental knowledge about the drivers of human behaviour.  Based on this project, these municipalities now, as the only ones in Denmark, offer a set of heuristics for developing and designing solution within dementia treatment.


With a focus on confronting challenges for dementia patients and their relatives, three design vectors where developed:


1. Make the invisible visible

2. Intuitive and consistent

3. Designing behavioural scripts


The three vectors can be activated when designing products as well as services and experiences.

The Municipality of Esbjerg:
Dementia – Self-driven Assistance
for an Individual Life







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